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Opsglobal Group Ventures

Basiz Fund Services India (

Basiz Fund Accounting is in operation for the last 11 years, has a marquee list of clients and offers services in Fund Accounting, Fund Administration, Middle Office Services, Financial Statements Preparation, Private Equity Fund Administration, Investor Reporting, Book-keeping, US Tax Consultancy, Anti-Money Laundering, Know Your Customer Services, Vendor Due Diligence, Managed Account Platform, India Taxation and Management Consulting.  Basiz is one of the leading companies in the Opsglobal Group and operates through its intercontinental presence and leverages its network across the globe to provide the best possible services to its clients.


Expat Tax Services Advisory (

We have built expertise in US Tax matters and offer a range of advisory services covering US Tax Services, US Tax Research, US Tax Training and US Tax Processing. We are networked with CPA’s in the USA to provide the best possible US tax advisory to our clients.


US CPA Services (

In this vertical, Opsglobal provides tax processing services to US CPA’s to tide over seasonal peaks and thus handle more clients and assignments. This enables US CPA’s to manage their time effectively and deliver their commitments to their clients as per the agreed schedule.  It also helps the US CPA in not having to recruit additional staff on an ad-hoc basis. Coupled with our expat tax advisory services indicated above, this becomes a useful tool for the US CPA as well as for his client covering expat tax, book keeping and other compliance services to CPA practitioners.


Pi-Comm India (

Pi-Comm India is a management consulting entity providing deal flow management, private equity and venture capital resource mobilization and executive search.  Under these heads, Pi-Comm and its associates in the Opsglobal Group leverage their international affiliations to deliver solutions to their clients.  Notable among these activities are hand holding for an entrepreneur with an end to end solution covering business plan preparation, pitch book, resource mobilization, executive search, accounting and book keeping, post investment monitoring and investor exit.


Vision Basiz Arabia

Operating from the Kingdom of Bahrain, Vision Basiz Arabia is a strategic joint venture between Opsglobal International Group, Singapore and Vision Business Consulting, Bahrain.  The JV company is mainly in the business of accounting and management consulting. It has ambitious plans to offer its range of services across the GCC region.

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